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Gulf Breeze United Methodist Church

Gulf Breeze, Florida
75 Fairpoint Drive
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561
Client: Gulf Breeze United Methodist Church
Completed: 2016

As a Gulf Breeze United Methodist Church Member and Board of Trustee Member, George Williams was called upon to engage BDA to address a ‘discovered’ near catastrophic moisture intrusion/termite infestation and laminated wood structure damage to the original Sanctuary designed by William Graves Architect.


Working with structural engineer Nathan Berube, Berube-Leonard, and Chuck Lysaght, Specialty Laminated Timber Structural Engineering Consultant; the BDA led Team developed strategic planning to reconstruct the “1982 constructed/1994 renovated” Sanctuary.


Implementation of the plan required the Congregation to vacate the Sanctuary for six months as the Sanctuary Laminated frames were ‘replaced’.  Additional forensic analysis led to the removal, redesign and replacement of the Sanctuary Bell Tower structure.  During the Sanctuary vacation the BDA led Team redesigned the Sanctuary lighting and assisted with Audio/Visual modifications.  The congregation hailed the restoration as preserving and enhancing the original Graves designed Sanctuary.


Photos by Greg Riegler 


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